My name is Marek Dlugos.
I’m a 19 year old student from Slovakia.

And I’d love to join your team and create some awesome stuff with you!

Marek Dlugos

This summer I’d like to be your Intern (June - September)

How can I help you?

Coding Skills

  • Front-end development HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks Angular.js, Ionic, jQuery
  • Basic understanding of C, C++, Java & PHP
  • Experience with databases MySQL & NoSQL
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I can help you

  • Coding interactive prototypes.
  • Slicing prepared graphics into nice and responsive HTML & CSS code.
  • Adding interactivity to your sites and apps through JavaScript.
  • Preparing prototypes of your mobile app using Ionic.
  • Developing a simple app using Angular and NoSQL database.
  • Coding a simple app using PHP, Java, C or C++.
  • Creating database architecture for your small apps.

Design Skills

  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Print Design
  • User Interface Design
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I can help you

  • Sketching wireframes for your new projects.
  • Designing your new web site or landing page.
  • Creating a user interface for your new app.
  • Designing trendy print visuals.
  • Cooking up visuals for your new mobile app.

All with a focus on User Experience.

Other Skills

  • Keynote design Creating eye-catching presentations
  • Video editing and photography

I can help you

  • Creating eye-catching landing pages.
  • Designing pixel-perfect Keynote presentations.
  • Working on your new product video or take some office photos.
  • Doing interesting marketing for your brand on social media networks.
  • Creating a Kickstarter video for your product.

There is still until summer, which gives me a lot of time to learn new skills that you might need!

I can benefit your team by

  • Working on ideas you never had time to realize.
  • Radically improving the designHow things look like but mainly WORK. of your project during my 4 months internship.
  • Bringing new ideas. See things from a different point of view.
  • And finally - introducing you to Slovak culture. For instance, do you know how to pronounce “čučoriedky”?

What people I’ve worked with are saying

  • Martin Martin, CEO at Fleetlog, Australia Marek brings great passion, creativity and experience to everything he does. He tries to look at things from various angles and always comes up with the best solution for the end user. The best thing: he is a great designer AND a great coder - this combination doesn't come up that often and has saved us a lot of time. Highly recommended.
  • Cristina Cristina, Lead Designer at CRU design, Portugal We have worked with Marek and he is kind of person you meet once in a lifetime. Type of personality so unique, social and pedant. I can say that his skills as web and graphic designer can be easy compared to professionals who work in this field for many years. His design is simply easy to use and effective not a single opportunity for perfection wasted.
  • Tomas Tomas, CEO at AbaffyDesign, Slovakia I am very glad that Marek was involved with his expertise and immense creativity in our company in creating major web projects in Slovakia ranging from news websites to social networks and internet portals. I’ve never had the pleasure to work with guy so caring about details of his work but even distinguish right when the product must go out and Marek know how to sell him.

Want to learn more?

Honours & awards

First place

1st at JuniorInternetNationalwide competition for young web developers & designers. 2011

(design category)
Second place

2nd at ZenitNationalwide competition in programming and web development.

(design & programming websites)
Special prize

Special prize

at JuniorInternetNationalwide competition for young web developers & designers. 2013
First place

1st at JuniorInternetNationalwide competition for young web developers & designers. 2014

(mobile app category)
Special prize

Special prize

at JuniorInternetNationalwide competition for young web developers & designers. 2014
First place

Intel Excellence

in Computer Science

Will I fit into your team?

Love to play basketball

Passion for basketball

Love to travel

Love to travel

Love to shoot photo & video

Love to shoot photos & video

*And I like to discover new hobbies too :-)

Why I want to intern?

I am finishing my high school studies now and will have a four months gap between my university studies so I would love to fill that time by doing some awesome stuff with you!

I made this site in one week, instead of studying for my final exams and partying with my friends. I hope it is gonna be worth it!

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