Hi, my name is Marek and I'm 17
years old student from Slovakia.

I have really strong passion to
study in the USA.

I'm looking for a California based volunteer host family
for next school year.

Why I wanna study in the USA?

Slovakia is a modern country, but I've dreamed about studying in California since I was a child and see studying abroad as an amazing opportunity to meet new people, experience a different kind of education, and discover a new country.

Now I am studying at High school in Presov focusing on Information and network technology.

The main goal of my school year in CA is graduation with diploma and then I want to get scholarship at a good university.

I LOVE these three things

A few words about me...

I live in a small town in East Slovakia. I'm proactive, open to new ideas, intelligent, and always optimistic. I've been interested in high tech and basketball since I was very young. I have an active interest in improving and applying my skills and knowledge.

He is a very smart student, responsible and reliable. He is a creative person with rich imagination and a sense of humour. I recommend him because I am sure he will be an asset for all family members.

Mrs. E. ČulkováMrs. E. Čulková, my english teacher

How does it work?

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